Essential Manicure $22-47
Reshape the nails, clean up the cuticles, massage
moisture into the hands, and finished with a coat of fresh enamel. 

ESCAPE Manicure 

A spa service for hands and nails which includes cuticle removal
and revitalization, nail shaping, arm and hand exfoliation followed           
with massage, finished with a fresh coat of nail enamel.

French Polish $5
Paraffin Mask  $8
Gel Laquer $10

Youth Renewal Hand Treatment

A spa service designed to resurface the skin reducing the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving hands softer
and younger looking.

Lightening Treatment

This service is to lighten pigmentation such as age spots,
uneven skin tones, or discoloration.

Nail Art 

$5 - 10
Buff and Polish Change $15-21

Artificial Nail Removal

Prevent further damage by properly soaking of the enhancements
followed by a manicure designed to strengthen the natural nail.

Essential Pedi $40-65

Pamper the feet beginning with soaking, exfoliation of the skin,
callus smoothing, leg and foot massage, next cuticles are perfected,
the nails are clipped, reshaped, buffed, and polished.

Spa Pedicure


Indulge in this customized facial for the feet.  Cuticle care,
nail shaping, and buffing followed with a foot masque, foot
and calf massage and polish of the nails.
French Polish $5
Paraffin Mask $8

Youth Renewal Foot Treatment

A spa service designed to resurface the skin repairing ingredients
quickly seep into the skin to ensure you reveal youthful, refreshed,
velvety smooth, and relaxed feet.
Leg and Foot Treatment  $20
Each 15 minutes
Buff and Polish Change $20-30