Meet the Team

Emidio - Master Barber, Hairstylist, Color Specialist

Emidio's love for the salon industry began in his grandfather's barbershop in Annapolis. He grew up watching his grandfather create a unique blend of precision haircuts and genuine camaraderie with his guests. Inspired by those experiences, Emidio decided to pursue a career as a stylist as early as middle school. A Master Barber Stylist since 1994, he worked locally as a stylist before opening Emidio Vincenzo ESCAPE with his wife, Kristen, in 2003. He dedicated a decade to educating stylists as a National Stage Artist, traveling around the United States to perform at industry trade shows as well as educating stylist teams in their salons. Emidio Vincenzo ESCAPE is a "teaching" salon, and Emidio continues to educate up and coming stylists as a coach and mentor to new talent in the industry. Emidio's passion can be felt both behind his chair and leading the salon team, where he inspires the pursuit of excellence. He is a devoted father to his preschool daughter, spending time away from the salon engaged in family activities and seeking a creative outlet in the kitchen where he enjoys cooking for family and friends.
Kristen - Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Nail Specialist, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader

Reflecting over 15 years in the industry, Kristen's passion and experience are diverse and continually evolving. First a licensed makeup artist, her education with Chanel, Lancome and Christian Dior gave her the opportunity to work with renowned industry leaders. The expertise she gained allowed for a smooth transition into her next role as a corporate cosmetic/salon buyer. A desire to connect on a more intimate level with people and a passion for skin led her to Esthetics. A Von Lee graduate with over 15 years in the field, she has learned a great deal about maximizing a guest's experience and results. Kristen believes "skin and nails are a true barometer for a person's state of being; health, stress, nutrition, and even emotions can all affect the skin," so she has adopted a holistic approach to meeting her guest's skincare needs. That open-minded philosophy coupled with an innate sensitivity was instrumental in her later becoming a Reiki Master and Certified Angel Card Reader. Kristen's unique approach allows her to create a personal and memorable experience for each guest. A dedicated mom to her preschool daughter, Kristen spends her time away from ESCAPE connecting with family and friends.
Monica - Hairstylist

A veteran of the ESCAPE team since 2003, Monica has played an essential role in supporting the company's culture for the past ten years. A stylist for over 20 years, her passion for fashion, hair and makeup was obvious even as a young child. Playing dress-up, styling friends' hair and wearing any makeup she could were all precursors to developing a professional stylist who loves and embraces all aspects of this industry. Monica thrives on the personal connection she makes with each guest. She knows that even a subtle change can make a significant impact on a guest's self-perception and self-confidence. Making guests feel beautiful is her first priority, and she is honored to be part of an industry that touches so many lives. A self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, she devotes much of her free time to the gym. The rest is spent enjoying quality time with her family.
Blake - Hairstylist

Blake grew up in the salon industry. As a working stylist, her grandmother was her first role model, encouraging Blake to follow her passion and develop the skills she needed to succeed. She attended Graham Webb Academy, a leading education institution in the industry. Following graduation, she briefly taught at the Academy before joining the ESCAPE team in 2012 as a full-time stylist. Blake believes a thorough consultation is the key part of every guest's experience. Attentive listening and a detail-focused approach combined with her creativity and technical skills ensure each guest leaves feeling valued, confident and inspired. Blake will tell you she has the "best job in the world." Although her first passion is being behind the chair, she hopes to pursue opportunities to educate again in the future, growing the industry she loves. Outside of the salon, Blake is an avid traveler with a particular passion for overseas adventure.
Amber - Hairstylist

Amber has always had a passion for hair, makeup and fashion. She knew as a child that she wanted to be involved in the industry, so when she entered high school, she immediately enrolled in their VoTech program for Cosmetology. Her first job as a shampoo assistant let her see first hand what this industry had to offer, and she began actively pursuing a position in a salon while still attending school. After graduation, and now a licensed Cosmetologist, Amber decided to attend the Chesapeake School of Esthetics to round out her education. In 2015, three years into her career, Amber joined the ESCAPE team as part of the Associate Program and has evolved into a talented stylist. She enjoys being able to customize each guest's color, cut and style in a way that meets their needs while also maintaining the integrity of their hair. 
Dewald - Massage Therapist

Dewald, our resident "Mr. Wonderful," has been in the industry for nearly 6 years, though he'd say it's felt like a lifetime. With a passion for fitness and a pro tennis playing mom, he's always had a keen interest in anatomy and kinesthesiology. Originally certified to teach group exercise, Dewald believes exercise can be a catalyst for positive energy. Studying massage therapy was a natural progression that allowed him to tend to the body in a different way. Using multi-dimensional technigues, Dewald carefully crafts each guest experience, creating custom and personalized massages. He approaches each session with an eager and enthusiastic attitude and loves bodywork challenges. When he is not with guests, that adventurous spirit takes him to other parts of the world, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. He is also an avid snowboarder and tennis player.

Maryland Registered Massage Practitioner #R014ZZ

Maria - Nail Specialist

Maria's career as a nail specialist began at Emidio Vincenzo ESCAPE in 2005. In search of a vocation that honored her nurturing spirit, she discovered that nail work allowed her to lavish attention on guests while meeting a real need for healthy, well-groomed hands and feet. Her passion for pedicures is reflected in customized treatments and attentive leg and foot massage. In addition to caring for guests, Maria has successfully apprenticed two nail specialist for the ESCAPE team. She is always interested in learning new techniques that improve each guest's experience. Outside of the salon, while Maria enjoys traveling, she's more of a"homebody" and likes to focus her energy on quality time with family and friends.
Rachel - Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Reiki Practitioner

After years of resisting her natural passion for the salon/spa industry, Rachel joined the ESCAPE team as an assistant in 2012. An essential asset to the team, she supported every technician to ensure each guest has the best possible experience while efficiently managing a variety of tasks vital to daily salon operations. An evident love of cosmetics paired with a natural camraderie with guests, later made Rachel an excellent addition to our team of makeup artists. That passion blossomed into a serious interest in skincare. Rachel became a licensed Esthetian in October 2015.  She continues to use her knowledge of the industry and continued thirst for learning to excel in her field.
Kate - Guest Relations Coordinator, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader

After working for 10 years in the early childhood field, Kate joined the ESCAPE team in 2009 as a front desk receptionist. Her dedication to creating the perfect guest experience rapidly propelled her into her role as Salon Manager. Detail-oriented and committed to excellence, she approaches each guest interaction as an opportunity to provide high quality and memorable service. As a Reiki practitioner and Angel Card Reader, Kate strives to connect with each guest, helping them feel peaceful, balanced and empowered. Passionate and enthusiastic, with a commitment to personal and professional growth, Kate loves being an ESCAPEE and looks forward to her career's evolution with this remarkable team.